Working Class Whitetails

Thanksgiving morning 2016 was a miserable, brutally cold 17 degrees for Steve Marriott’s Missouri deer hunt with Working Class Whitetails. Then he watched a giant buck, one he missed earlier in November, cross a field heading in his direction. Could Marriott steel his nerves enough to make the shot?

On a dreary Christmas Eve hunt, Kassie Hamilton and Jason Pelock sneak within 150 yards of some feeding white-tailed deer. To their surprise, out of the Iowa timber saunters a giant buck that is oblivious to the hunters. All that Kassie wants for Christmas is a clear shot on this big brute.

Tyler Gray’s deer hunting season is down to the wire on the last day of Iowa’s shotgun season, when a good buddy offers to let Gray sit in his best hunting stand. Bitterly cold temperatures force a 12-point monarch out to feed just before dark. Can Gray close the deal before his season ends?

Jason Pelock is bowhunting from a treestand perched on a Wisconsin ridgetop littered with buck sign the day after tagging a perfect 10-point buck in Iowa. Two does walk by that repeatedly stop and look back on their trail. Whatever has their curiosity dialed up also has Pelock on alert.

Unseasonably warm November weather might have kept some hunters out of the woods, but Jason Pelock planned an all-day sit to catch any big buck rut activity. Pelock was rewarded for his patience, but you'll have to watch to see if his bowhunt ended with an exciting finish or disappointment.

Tony Taylor was sick and didn't feel good. Trail camera images lured him to the stand. But the big 8-pointer almost walked out of his life forever, until some aggressive grunt calls lured the buck in tight to 15 yards looking for a fight. Watch to see what happens next.

Tanner Summers gets aggressive in Iowa and rattles in a dandy buck while deer hunting in a classic fence line rut stand. The cruising buck gives him a 20-yard shot, and Tanner doesn’t need to follow the massive blood trail after watching his buck go down within sight.

It's Iowa in November, which means big bucks are on the prowl searching for hot does in estrous and also defending their territory. Josh Dornbusch knew Scarface the decoy could get the job done, and the mature buck that spied this decoy couldn't stand it. This great deer hunting tactic paid off!