Tactics for the Rut

To hunt Mr. Big during the rut, you have to understand what he's after and where he will be. Obviously the big bucks, and even smaller ones, are seeking and chasing does. Steve Bartylla provides his best tips for hunting big bucks during the whitetail rut in this episode of Hunt 'em Big.

Social stress is a big deal in the world of whitetails. Bucks, especially during the rut, constantly jockey for position on the ladder of social hierarchy. Learn more in this full episode of Deer & Deer Hunting TV.

Should you use a deer decoy? Depending on your strategy and the timing of your hunt during the rut, using a deer decoy can maximize your shot opportunities at bucks. Here's why and how to use deer decoys, from the Land of Whitetail crew.

Is there a way to beat the pressure and make a deer feel comfortable when you’re close. Here’s how to hunt pressured deer.

Patterning a whitetail buck's behavior is a huge part of hunting that never makes it to TV. Here's how to learn a buck's behavior.