Shooting Tips

Learn the factors that make for a terrific riflescope for deer hunting in this video from Deer & Deer Hunting.

We share stories and experiences of gun hunting in this video, as well as advice on rifle shooting, bloodtrailing, gear, and much more.

Here we visit a professional shooting instructor to find out how using a sling can greatly enhance your accuracy with a rifle. There’s a lot more to a rifle sling than just holding the gun on your shoulder. It can offer stability, help you set up a shot in varying positions, and so much more. Take a look at this video to increase your chances of firing that perfect shot when the time comes.

These first-hand tips from actual snipers will not only make you a better shot, but a better hunter.

Kevin Michalowki of Tactical Gear Magazine talks about the tricks shooters can use to make sure they can get off the perfect shot under pressure.

It's no surprise that a clean gun is an accurate gun, and in this video we show you some of the best new tools you can use to keep your gun as clean and accurate as possible.

Hunting from long range sometimes requires a change in tactics and form. Deer Talk Now offers advice on each, and more.

It happens to every hunter: you look away, and then out of the blue a massive buck appears out of nowhere. To become a successful hunter, you need to be able to make a kill shot quickly, quietly, and often unexpectedly, and in this video Steve Bartylla shows you how it's done. It all comes down to practice, but more importantly, it's how you practice.

We give you the three most important tips you need to know for properly storing your guns so they are primed and ready to go next season.