Minerals and Attractants

When you're planning the best supplemental feeding strategy for white-tailed deer the key is to provide a balanced diet. Supplemental foods are great additions to natural sources because they provide extra vitamins and minerals deer need and use for growth, strength and overall health.

Deer and deer hunting researchers know that wild whitetails love to eat corn. BIG&J has developed a new long-range attractant called Deadly Dust with a non-synthetic, special hybrid of sweet corn. This flavor pulls deer in and keeps them coming back for more even in the most unlikely places.

There are many deer mineral products on the market, but most are glorified salt licks.Deer & Deer Hunting's Gordy Krahn gives a sneak peek into LEGIT deer mineral from Big & J, a true mineral source for whitetails that has a powerful apple aroma that attracts deer and keeps them coming back for more

When you're getting your strategy down for minerals for whitetails, there are three key factors you need to keep in mind.

http://www.deerhunter.tv Mineral supplements can help grow bigger and healthier deer. Here are some tips to help improve your efforts from the deer scientists at Big & J and Dan Schmidt and Gordy Krahn from Deer & Deer Hunting. Deer Talk Now. Season 6. Episode 14.

Do you think mock scrapes make a difference when you go hunting? Steve Bartylla does and gives you a few reasons about why they matter.

Mock scrapes are fantastic during deer season when curious bucks investigate them, but you can reap benefits from them all year. Dan Schmidt explains how to create them and why they work in this episode of Deer Talk Now.

Watch this video to learn how this High Output Dripper from Wildlife Research Center can supercharge your mock scrapes for deer hunting.

Here's how to make a mock scrape for deer hunting. This important tactic is useful for scouting deer and more.

Big game decoys are now a standard tool, but knowing how to effectively deploy one is important to understand. We'll show you how.