Land of Whitetail

The tactics, observations and opportunities you use in September won't still be true in November. Can you keep up with changing deer seasons?

The best weather for deer hunting doesn't quite exist. The weather matters much less than the hunter's ability to adapt to whatever Mother Nature has in store.

Mule deer on a whitetail hunting show? That’s right. Even as white-tailed deer push ever westward, mule deer are still common in the West. Fortunately for whitetail hunters, filling a mule deer tag requires similar gear, and some states allow hunters to take either species.

This full episode of Land of Whitetail explores the singular technique that, if mastered, will allow you to hunt whitetail deer virtually anywhere: concealment. Becoming invisible to deer opens up all sorts of possibilities for your hunt.

If you can keep the does around, chances are you can also hold the bucks. That means managing the buck-to-doe ratio. Watch this full episode of Land of Whitetail to learn more.

Should you use a deer decoy? Depending on your strategy and the timing of your hunt during the rut, using a deer decoy can maximize your shot opportunities at bucks. Here's why and how to use deer decoys, from the Land of Whitetail crew.

Learning how to hunt pressured deer will not only make you a more successful hunter, but also clue you in to critical pieces of whitetail biology.

The best food for deer is similar in many ways to the best food for hunters (or people in general). Variety, nutrition, convenience and consistency all matter.

Is there a way to beat the pressure and make a deer feel comfortable when you’re close. Here’s how to hunt pressured deer.

Kansas is a place for big bucks, and it's all about finding that honey hole. Watch this full, free episode of the Land of Whitetail deer hunting TV show.