Hunting Tactics

Do you think mock scrapes make a difference when you go hunting? Steve Bartylla does and gives you a few reasons about why they matter.

Most deer can do a better job at patterning hunters than the other way around. Here's how to pattern deer without blowing your cover.

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Every hunter wants whitetail deer on their property, there's no way to keep the deer on your property but there are ways to keep them around more often. Steve Bartylla gives us a few tips on how to keep deer around your property.

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Use these simple yet proven tactics when using a decoy to bring whitetails closer to your bowhunting setups. Mark Kayser explains in this episode of Deer Talk Now from Deer & Deer Hunting.

Your entry and exit routes are incredibly important for the best deer hunting success, especially on small tracts. Steve Bartylla provides great tips for low-impact access for better deer hunting.

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Is there a right or wrong way to shoot your bow when hunting from high places? Dan Schmidt and Gordy Krahn provide their thoughts on best practices, and Easton Archery's Gary Cornum provides insights on what makes the best arrow for bowhunting whitetails. Deer Talk Now. Season 6. Episode 2.

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