Herd Management

Don't buy into the hype of needing thousands of acres to successfully manage deer. It's actually easier with smaller tracts and some good ol' elbow grease, along with common sense. With years of hands-on experience managing different tracts, Steve Bartylla gives his tops in this Grow 'em Big.

Watch this Deer Talk Now video from Deer & Deer Hunting to learn about doe ratios and herd management practices.

Watch this episode of Hunt 'em Big to learn how focusing on variables you can actually control will lead to a more satisfying deer hunt.

Watch this video for tips on how to make sure deer get to where you need them to go to support your broader deer hunting strategy.

Successfully hunting whitetails is all about knowing your prey, and in this video we cover one of the biggest elements—does.

You’ve got to have the does, and you’ve got top make them happy enough t stay year after year. This video shows you how to do just that.

There are parts of New York state that are dealing with an outright deer epidemic, but the problems are complex, and include a residential population in which most don’t hunt or are opposed to hunting, along with professional hunters jockeying for sole hunting rights to help the town thin out the population. Destination Whitetail takes a closer look at this epidemic and some of the ways hunters can help control deer populations.

In this episode of Destination Whitetail, we visit a landowner who continually develops his land year-round with the goal of creating the perfect landscape for hunting. We can learn a lot from that, along with advice from other land managers whose job it is to create and predict deer movements—which might be the hardest job in the outdoors. This video is chock full of tips to help you understand deer behavior and manage your land accordingly.

This episode of Destination Whitetail explores the issue of how urban sprawl affects the deer population, and in turn how the rising deer population affects suburban and urban neighborhoods. Hunters can help keep these issues from getting out of control, and in this video we’ll look at methods used to keep the deer population in check while also protecting hunting grounds for future generations.

In this episode of Destination Whitetail, we head to Texas to check out a one-of-a-kind land management style you need to see to believe. Using biology students, helicopters, and a whole lot more, these land owners use genetic studies to capture, observe, understand, and develop deep herds with scientific proficiency. And because we’re in Texas, we’re talking a huge spread of land. Tune in to see just how it works.

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