Full Episodes- Destination Whitetail

Full Episodes- Destination Whitetail

Join the Destination Whitetail crew as it heads to the Patterson Ranch in Texas, where the deer hunting business is overtaking the cattle operation. What does it take to manage deer on large, agricultural properties?

It’s no secret that some hunting shows depict only the highlights of a hunt, editing out the uninteresting or unsuccessful parts. That’s not how the real world works.

Hunting traditions are often passed down through families, and a common one is “filling the freezer” each fall.

This full episode of Destination Whitetail takes a look at what it takes to fill up a freezer with venison each fall.

You may know how to cook venison indoors, but there’s something special about eating deer in the same area where it was harvested. In this full episode of Destination Whitetail, watch as a professional chef shows how to cook venison outdoors with a basic set up.

Taking a kid hunting doesn't have to mean trading away valuable hunting opportunities. Youth hunting, and special youth hunts, is on the rise for a reason.

One of the best-kept secrets in North Dakota, other than the ICBMs, is its whitetail deer hunting. In this full episode of Destination Whitetail, the crew uncovers what's hiding in all of that flat ground.

Brittany Glaze is in Ohio hunting with an outfitter who takes pride in the best land available in this full episode of Destination Whitetail.

Brittney Glaze heads to the whitetail wonderland of Quebec's Anticosti Island to experience what it's like to hunt deer in an extreme environment surrounded by water.