Food Plots

Food plots for deer don't end at the top of the soil. Beneath the surface can be loads of nutrition, as Deer & Deer Hunting's Dan Schmidt explains.

We take a look at more than ten years of research at forage preferences, exploring what foods deer prefer at different points in the season and year.

In this episode of Deer and Deer Hunting, we answer your questions about how to start a basic and successful food plot, and how to enhance an already active plot.

In this episode of Deer and Deer Hunting TV, we look at some incredible hunting footage and discuss what strategies you need to know to hunt whitetails near food plots.

In this episode of Deer and Deer Hunting, we show you the basics of building your own food plot, with practical tips from professional hunters and land managers.

In this video we talk about the basic ingredients required to growing healthy whitetails on your property.

In this clip, Charlie Alsheimer talks about how to use some advanced scouting techniques to help you keep an eye on deer early in the season.

Edge feathering is a great way to create an ideal whitetail habitat and funnel deer activity to flow right into yuor kill zone.

In this video, Steve Bartylla show you how to offer deer the best food, water, sanctuaries, and more.

In this video Steve Bartylla tells you how to convert a small piece of property to a destination spot for bucks and does.