Food Plot Strategies

Food plots for deer don't end at the top of the soil. Beneath the surface can be loads of nutrition, as Deer & Deer Hunting's Dan Schmidt explains.

Your food plot may have failed, but you can salvage that plot by using the easy tips in this video.

Habitat managers focus on spring, summer, and fall, but we can’t forget winter. Winter is when you can get a majority of the food plot and land management work done.

What do you need to do in order to create a whitetail utopia on your property? This video will guide you toward creating a successful season year after year.

Edge Feathering can do a lot of great things for land managers and hunters alike, and can keep the deer moving.

Food plots are most effective when you consider your goals and use varied sized plots.

The most effective deer food plots are the ones with an array of food sources all in one place.

You might be excited about your successful food plot, but as Steve Bartylla explains in this video, you can always take things a step further by accessorizing your food plot. For example, how dynamic is your water source, and how close is it to your food plot? This video highlights all the top tips you need to know to keep those big bucks busy on your food plot.

Develop food plots that can help sustain your local deer population through the hardest seasons of the year.

In this video Steve Bartylla tells you how to convert a small piece of property to a destination spot for bucks and does.