Essential Rut Biology

A DDH Exclusive! 3 Things You Need to Know About the 2017 Whitetail Rut - with Charles Alsheimer.

These pro hunters know all about hunting in situations that can turn on a dime, and how to methodically adjust their tactics as the long season changes.

We often talk about the rut and the various tactics involved in this unique period for whitetails...but even with all this talk, is it possible that the rut is just a giant work of fiction? Is it a fantasy based on human perception? Watch as we consider this interesting theory and make our own predictions about the fact and fictions concerning the epic whitetail rut season.

Understanding why and how bucks rut and what their behavior means during rutting season can go a long to helping hunters tracks and kill whitetails. This video explains these behaviors and helps hunters look for patterns to better develop hunting strategies. Rutting, scrapes, and the fight for dominance is a fascinating topic, and one every hunter should fully understand.

There are a number of factors that may suppress a whitetail deer rut, and in this video we talk to Charlie Alsheimer about some of those factors and how we can overcome them. Of the many factors involved, Charlie says the biggest three are air temperature, human pressure, and changing weather fronts. There are things you can do for each, and Charlie shares the common sense advice any hunter can use.

There are many factors that can affect buck behavior, and testosterone levels during the pre-rut season is definitely a big one.

In this video we learn how younger bucks begin to lose their minds during the rut and are constantly on the move while more mature bucks act a little differently.

Learn how to properly use a buck grunt call during the whitetail rut to make sure you're able to lure in that big buck.

In this video, Charlie Alsheimer of Deer & Deer Hunting TV explains how you can use the moon phases to hunt deer.

The rut is a surprisingly stressful period for all deer, but for bucks most of all. In this episode of Deer and Deer Hunting, we discuss how bucks spend the rut feverishly searching for does in order to breed, and other bucks in order to fight for dominance. The stress is intense, sometimes dangerous, and also deadly. Watch and see all the action in this amazing video.