Want a Better Deer Hunt? Invite This Type of Person to Your Camp - Destination Whitetail, Full Episode

Brittney Glaze and the Destination Whitetail crew head to Texas to hunt whitetail and other species, but that's not the only exciting part of the trip. Two U.S. Marine Corps veterans join her on the hunt, adding a whole other dimension to the experience. Watch more in this full episode.

Special deer hunts for veterans are common throughout the United States, with state programs and professional outfitters offering exclusive dates, pricing and opportunities. This is one of many ways that the hunting industry expresses its appreciation for the service these men and women contributed to the country's safety and security.

On a smaller scale, individual deer camps benefit from veterans in a number of ways. Veterans bring knowledge, discipline and insights exclusive to their military service that benefit the entire camp. Not only does this increase the chances of success for a hunt, it models good stewardship and conservation practices. After all, who better to champion the best part of America than those who volunteered to sacrifice everything to protect it?

Season 2017, Episode 9