Deer Talk Now

Deer Talk Now

Learn the factors that make for a terrific riflescope for deer hunting in this video from Deer & Deer Hunting.

Food plots for deer don't end at the top of the soil. Beneath the surface can be loads of nutrition, as Deer & Deer Hunting's Dan Schmidt explains.

Learn why property management for deer doesn't start and end with food sources. Predator control is the other side of that coin.

We explain how it all works, what kind of maps and tools you'll need, and what to do once you have studied your local ecotones, all in this video.

In this must-watch video, we explore what arrows are right for you, and we suggest some quality arrows that will significantly improve your ability to take down whitetails.

In this video we present the Big Game Gut Glove, the field dressing tool that will protect you from the messy business of prepping your big buck to haul him out of the woods.

In today's video we teach you how to make a kill shot fast when a ghost buck sneaks up on you.

The Deer Talk Now guys marvel over a giant whitetail rack

Randy Birdsong talks about big deer hunting and the business side of his outdoor television show Headhunters.

Deer Talk Now invites renowned hunter Bob Robb to join the show to discuss his latest hunting ventures and then pepper him with reader questions.