Deer Talk Now

Deer Talk Now

Let's face it, when it comes to an overall enjoyable deer camp experience, it all boils down to who's in the kitchen. Miss Marti Kiser from Hepler, KS, is one of those rare folks who enjoys keeping her hunters happy ... and satisfied.


Bowhunting shots at deer require the same basic techniques whether you're in a treestand or pop-up ground blind. When shooting a compound bow from a pop-up blind, it's important to use the same form as you would from a stand. Dan Schmidt provides three tips to help improve your bowhunting accuracy.

Learn how and why bucks disperse from their home range in this episode of Deer Talk Now from Deer & Deer Hunting. Dan Schmidt explains factors that contribute to this annual behavior of whitetail bucks. In the product spotlight, we take a look at a new scent dripper from Wildlife Research Center.

When you're planning the best supplemental feeding strategy for white-tailed deer the key is to provide a balanced diet. Supplemental foods are great additions to natural sources because they provide extra vitamins and minerals deer need and use for growth, strength and overall health.

The first thing you need to do when you get to deer camp is sight in your scope for accuracy because you never know if a bump knocked something off zero. Gordy Krahn provides simple and easy tips for getting your shot back on target without burning up a lot of ammunition.

What happens when a broadhead tipped arrow meets a deer's shoulder blade? Bowhunters often pick the shoulder or just behind it as the aiming point to take out the heart and lungs. Find out what happens between broadheads and a deer's shoulder blades in this episode of Deer Talk Now with DanSchmidt.

If you want to keep ticks off you while you're deer hunting, use these proven tips from Deer & Deer Hunting's Dan Schmidt. This information includes the best ways to prevent ticks from attaching to your skin during scouting, hunting and other outdoors activities.

The Deer & Deer Hunting TV crew caught up with Jason Aldean, brand ambassador for Field & Stream Shop and RIAA's top digital country male artist of all time, to talk about deer hunting. Watch as this country music star discusses his perfect day outdoors and relates the memories of his first deer.

August is tree stand safety month. Here are some tips from Daniel Schmidt about staying safe up in the tree while getting your big deer this fall. Also, Mark Kayser shares some information about Precision Hunter Ammo from Hornady.
Deer Talk Now. Season 6. Episode 19.

Can you guess the #1 factor that affects white-tailed deer and how they flourish on the landscape? Deer & Deer Hunting's Dan Schmidt explains how deer herd dynamics, population strategies and hunting tactics work to help shape the whitetail society.