Deer Management

Reaping the rewards of a demanding off-season of habitat improvement for deer hunting is a wonderful feeling. Creating food plots, mineral licks, moving and putting up stands and other tasks isn't always easy, but it should be enjoyable. Steve Bartylla emphasizes this in the latest Grow 'em Big.

Don't buy into the hype of needing thousands of acres to successfully manage deer. It's actually easier with smaller tracts and some good ol' elbow grease, along with common sense. With years of hands-on experience managing different tracts, Steve Bartylla gives his tops in this Grow 'em Big.

Brittany Glaze is in Ohio hunting with an outfitter who takes pride in the best land available in this full episode of Destination Whitetail.

Steve Bartylla takes you behind the scenes of his year-round deer management plans. You’ll learn how to remodel the deer woods without refinancing your house.

Deer are very tricky animals. Hunting, not hunting they're always weary. Sometimes you don't think about the obvious when you're out in the woods. Steve Bartylla does though. Everything from wind direction, to food planting, to trail camera set up, and more. Every tip helps.

Whitetail deer know topography very well. Do you? Watch this video to learn how to make a deer management plan using topography.

Watch this episode of Grow 'em Big to learn how food plots, sanctuaries and dead zones can attract and keep deer on your land.

Do you know how many deer your land can support? This is called "carrying capacity." Here's what you need to know for deer herd management.

Research has shown that no landscape should be home to more than 35 deer per square mile. Watch this video to learn more.

You don't deep deep pockets or have to have a ton of ground to improve your land for whitetails and whitetail hunting. Steve explains in this week's episode of Grow 'em Big.