Deer Hunting Gear Here is a D&DH First Look at the new Timberline hang-on tree stand from Field & Stream Shop. This stand is light, versatile and packed with options.

Daniel E. Schmidt
Content Director | Editor-in-Chief
Deer & Deer Hunting

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When you're deer hunting you need warm, dry and comfortable boots to get to your stands, stalk, track and climb. Field & Stream Woodsman boots offer several features including scent protection, a waterproof layer and aggressive lugs on the sole to handle different terrain in wet or dry conditions.

The best weather for deer hunting doesn't quite exist. The weather matters much less than the hunter's ability to adapt to whatever Mother Nature has in store.

Hunting traditions are often passed down through families, and a common one is “filling the freezer” each fall.

This full episode of Destination Whitetail takes a look at what it takes to fill up a freezer with venison each fall.

Hunting from a ground blind doesn't mean you can't get busted by a deer's ever-watchful eyes. You need to remain as stone-still as long as possible and that means you need to be comfortable. DDH Editor Gordy Krahn shows the new ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter chair in the D+DH Innovation Zone.

When you're looking for the best optics for deer hunting you want rugged construction to beat back Mother Nature along with great glass to help you see clearly. You'll get both with the Styrka S7 lineup; rugged aircraft-grade aluminum housing and SLX Max multicoated lenses. That's a great deal!

In the field your backpack can be your best friend, but only if you choose wisely. With ALPs Outdoorz Extreme line of packs, the choice couldn't be clearer.

Here's how to hunt deer in warm weather, such as the type found in Florida, Texas and beyond. Watch this full episode of Deer & Deer Hunting TV for free.

Watch this free online hunting video to learn how to test the waterproofing on a new scope.