Innovation Zone

Innovation Zone

What is parallax in your rifle or shotgun's scope and why is it important for your deer hunting? Parallax is one of the things most often misunderstood by hunters pursuing deer and other game. Find out more in this First Look at the Styrka S3 and S5 riflescopes with parallax adjustment capability.


Trail cameras are a great scouting tool. But if you check them often you're spending a lot of time in the woods leaving scent and making noise. The new CuddeLink Remote-Access System from Cuddeback offers a proprietary network in which the cameras send images to one camera and to you.

Hunter's Kloak is a new scent-dispersal system that allows hunters to switch between different kinds of scents to attract deer to their hunting locations. It includes a dispersal mechanism that sends mist into the air for continued saturation. It's compact, rechargeable and has different scents.

If you're looking for a hunting crossbow with features found in higher-priced bows, check out the new Horton Vortec RDX. It has several characteristics deer hunters want. Find out more in this D+DH Innovation Zone.

Hunting from a ground blind doesn't mean you can't get busted by a deer's ever-watchful eyes. You need to remain as stone-still as long as possible and that means you need to be comfortable. DDH Editor Gordy Krahn shows the new ALPS OutdoorZ Stealth Hunter chair in the D+DH Innovation Zone.

You want bowhunting broadheads that smash, slash and cause death. In this week's Deer & Deer Hunting Innovation Zone, see the new Titanium X broadheads from TRUGLO. These broadheads come in fixed- and expandable-head variations. They are made for hunting deer, hogs, turkeys, elk and other big game.

When you're looking for the best optics for deer hunting you want rugged construction to beat back Mother Nature along with great glass to help you see clearly. You'll get both with the Styrka S7 lineup; rugged aircraft-grade aluminum housing and SLX Max multicoated lenses. That's a great deal!

Deer and deer hunting researchers know that wild whitetails love to eat corn. BIG&J has developed a new long-range attractant called Deadly Dust with a non-synthetic, special hybrid of sweet corn. This flavor pulls deer in and keeps them coming back for more even in the most unlikely places.

Crossbows have better engineering and designs today along with outstanding features that make them great for hunting deer or other big game. Jake Miller with TenPoint Technologies explains the features packed in the Wicked Ridge Invader G3 crossbow and package that has a super price point.

There are many deer mineral products on the market, but most are glorified salt licks.Deer & Deer Hunting's Gordy Krahn gives a sneak peek into LEGIT deer mineral from Big & J, a true mineral source for whitetails that has a powerful apple aroma that attracts deer and keeps them coming back for more