Big Bucks

Tyler Gray’s deer hunting season is down to the wire on the last day of Iowa’s shotgun season, when a good buddy offers to let Gray sit in his best hunting stand. Bitterly cold temperatures force a 12-point monarch out to feed just before dark. Can Gray close the deal before his season ends?

The Given Right is hunting giant whitetails in Iowa in this full episode. Watch it all right here!

Unseasonably warm November weather might have kept some hunters out of the woods, but Jason Pelock planned an all-day sit to catch any big buck rut activity. Pelock was rewarded for his patience, but you'll have to watch to see if his bowhunt ended with an exciting finish or disappointment.

To hunt Mr. Big during the rut, you have to understand what he's after and where he will be. Obviously the big bucks, and even smaller ones, are seeking and chasing does. Steve Bartylla provides his best tips for hunting big bucks during the whitetail rut in this episode of Hunt 'em Big.

How to find big bucks one of the first questions on many hunters’ minds. Start by identifying these four factors for the best chance at spotting Mr. Big.

Kenneth and his good hunting buddy, Justin Addkisson, chase some giant whitetails in the great state of Oklahoma.

It’s been 52 years since The Given Right’s Kenneth Lancaster’s father pulled the trigger during a deer hunt. Can the younger Lancaster help him break the dry spell? Find out in this full episode of The Given Right.

In this full episode of The Given Right, the crew heads to Kansas for a hunt with Kenneth Lancaster and his wife, Holly. What results could be a Boone and Crockett buck.

Should you use a deer decoy? Depending on your strategy and the timing of your hunt during the rut, using a deer decoy can maximize your shot opportunities at bucks. Here's why and how to use deer decoys, from the Land of Whitetail crew.