If you're not seeing bucks, there may not be enough does on the property. Learn more in this full episode of Deer & Deer Hunting TV.

Patterning deer is easier early in the season with trail cameras because you may learn specific times they're visiting a survey site. The challenge to patterning mature bucks for better hunting is knowing more about them later in the season. Unlock the secrets in this Deer Talk Now with Dan Schmidt.


Let's face it, when it comes to an overall enjoyable deer camp experience, it all boils down to who's in the kitchen. Miss Marti Kiser from Hepler, KS, is one of those rare folks who enjoys keeping her hunters happy ... and satisfied.


What is parallax in your rifle or shotgun's scope and why is it important for your deer hunting? Parallax is one of the things most often misunderstood by hunters pursuing deer and other game. Find out more in this First Look at the Styrka S3 and S5 riflescopes with parallax adjustment capability.


When you're deer hunting you need warm, dry and comfortable boots to get to your stands, stalk, track and climb. Field & Stream Woodsman boots offer several features including scent protection, a waterproof layer and aggressive lugs on the sole to handle different terrain in wet or dry conditions.

Jason Pelock is bowhunting from a treestand perched on a Wisconsin ridgetop littered with buck sign the day after tagging a perfect 10-point buck in Iowa. Two does walk by that repeatedly stop and look back on their trail. Whatever has their curiosity dialed up also has Pelock on alert.

Unseasonably warm November weather might have kept some hunters out of the woods, but Jason Pelock planned an all-day sit to catch any big buck rut activity. Pelock was rewarded for his patience, but you'll have to watch to see if his bowhunt ended with an exciting finish or disappointment.

Tony Taylor was sick and didn't feel good. Trail camera images lured him to the stand. But the big 8-pointer almost walked out of his life forever, until some aggressive grunt calls lured the buck in tight to 15 yards looking for a fight. Watch to see what happens next.

Mock scrapes are fantastic tools deer hunters can use to attract big bucks and keep them coming back. Better yet, these mock scrapes don't cost much money to make. Steve Bartylla has years of experience with mock scrapes that he's passing along in this episode of Hunt 'em Big.


To hunt Mr. Big during the rut, you have to understand what he's after and where he will be. Obviously the big bucks, and even smaller ones, are seeking and chasing does. Steve Bartylla provides his best tips for hunting big bucks during the whitetail rut in this episode of Hunt 'em Big.

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