What happens when you dry fire a crossbow? Damage to limbs, cables or other parts may not be obvious but it's still potentially dangerous to continue using the bow. Jake Miller with TenPoint Crossbow Technologies explains what you should do in case of a dry fire with your crossbow.

Among the questions asked every deer season is about how to hunt pressured bucks. Whether you're on public or private land, deer pressured by hunters or other influences can become tough to hunt. Steve Bartylla gives his expert tips on how to hunt matured pressured bucks in Hunt 'em Big.

Tyler Gray’s deer hunting season is down to the wire on the last day of Iowa’s shotgun season, when a good buddy offers to let Gray sit in his best hunting stand. Bitterly cold temperatures force a 12-point monarch out to feed just before dark. Can Gray close the deal before his season ends?

With a narrow profile, the new Barnett Whitetail Hunter Pro crossbow allows hunters to maneuver more easily in a stand or blind. It's lightweight and has several other features including a 160-pound draw weight, more than enough for whitetail deer hunters to put big bucks and does on the ground.


Cleaning and loading a muzzleloader isn't difficult, and today's technology with ammo, rifles and accessories make smokepoles a lot of fun. Find out how to easily clean, load and shoot an inline muzzleloader, along with information about the Hornady SST bullet, in this episode of Deer Talk Now.

The tactics, observations and opportunities you use in September won't still be true in November. Can you keep up with changing deer seasons?

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Join the Destination Whitetail crew as it heads to the Patterson Ranch in Texas, where the deer hunting business is overtaking the cattle operation. What does it take to manage deer on large, agricultural properties?

Keeping free-ranging whitetail deer on your property is tough unless you have a powerful combination of key things they want. One of those is nutritious, palatable food that can be easily digested and converted into muscle, bone and energy. Big & J BB2 attractant may help you fill that need.


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