A coyote passes by your deer stand, stops and poses for a shot. Do you pull the trigger and risk diminishing the odds of shooting a buck that day or do you let him walk?


Where the deer are, of course. And the best way to determine that is by gathering the very best intel possible to find out where those big bucks are hanging out on your property.


http://www.deeranddeerhunting.com Here is a D&DH First Look at the new Timberline hang-on tree stand from Field & Stream Shop. This stand is light, versatile and packed with options.

Daniel E. Schmidt
Content Director | Editor-in-Chief
Deer & Deer Hunting

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Thanksgiving morning 2016 was a miserable, brutally cold 17 degrees for Steve Marriott’s Missouri deer hunt with Working Class Whitetails. Then he watched a giant buck, one he missed earlier in November, cross a field heading in his direction. Could Marriott steel his nerves enough to make the shot?

This week we take a closer look at the Night Fury Extreme broadhead from Bloodsport Archery. This is a two-blade expandable that features a cross-blade retention system and a cutting diameter of 2-1/4 inches.


When you're all excited after making a shot on a big buck or doe, what do you do? A lot of hunters forget the spot where the deer was standing. Big mistake, especially in fields or woods where everything looks the same. Try this great bloodtrailing tip for finding more deer after the shot.

When you discover signs of deer in a specific location do you ask why it's there? You should. Learning why deer are in a specific area is critical to understanding how to hunt them. Steve Bartylla​ explains how this is a superb hunting tactic in this episode of Hunt 'em Big.

On a dreary Christmas Eve hunt, Kassie Hamilton and Jason Pelock sneak within 150 yards of some feeding white-tailed deer. To their surprise, out of the Iowa timber saunters a giant buck that is oblivious to the hunters. All that Kassie wants for Christmas is a clear shot on this big brute.

Using scents with the proper expectations and in the right situations can have beneficial results. You may need to cross a deer trail or are hunting on pressured public land. Steve Bartylla provides his best hunting tips for using deer scents in this episode of Hunt 'em Big.


With the buildup every spring and summer, it's easy to get so excited in the first few weeks of deer season that we create problems for ourselves that can linger for weeks or months. DDH Editor-in-Chief Dan Schmidt explains how to overcome these mistakes to be a more successful deer hunter.